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Join Sparky the Bus on a fun journey! Dive into adventure as we explore new destinations, embrace diverse cultures, and discover the Midwest’s hidden gems. Sparky’s travels are packed with breathtaking landscapes, unique local experiences, and heartwarming stories from the road.

Sparky brings you along for the ride, whether it’s winding through scenic byways, visiting restaurants, or finding tranquility in remote corners of a state park. Follow us to fuel your wanderlust and be inspired by the beauty and diversity of our world, all from the comfort of Sparky the VW bus.

Visiting Omaha’s Lithuanian Bakery

Visiting Omaha’s Lithuanian Bakery

Discovering the Heart of Tradition at the Lithuanian Bakery in OmahaThe Lithuanian Bakery stands as a beacon of cultural heritage and culinary excellence in the heart of Omaha. With over 60 years of operation, this family-owned bakery has carved a niche in the...

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