Discovering the Heart of Tradition at the Lithuanian Bakery in Omaha

The Lithuanian Bakery stands as a beacon of cultural heritage and culinary excellence in the heart of Omaha. With over 60 years of operation, this family-owned bakery has carved a niche in the specialty baked goods market. It offers a taste of Lithuania’s rich traditions through its exquisite breads and tortes. Founded by Lithuanian immigrants Vytautas and Stefanija Mackevicius in 1962, the bakery is now in the capable hands of their sons, Algird, Alfonsas, and Vytas Mackevicius, who continue to uphold the family legacy.

A Taste of Lithuania in Every Bite

At the Lithuanian Bakery, every product tells a story of tradition, quality, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. The bakery prides itself on producing its specialty bread and tortes daily, utilizing the expertise of an experienced staff. Among their array of delightful offerings, the Sourdough Rye bread stands out as a crowd favorite. This bread, available in traditional or square form, is a testament to the bakery’s dedication to preserving the authentic taste of Lithuania. Infused with ground caraway and a hint of onion, the Sourdough Rye offers a unique taste and texture that captivates the palate.

Beyond Bread: A Culinary Journey

During a recent visit, we picked up a loaf of their famous Sourdough Rye bread and had the pleasure of discovering Lašinėčiai—Lithuanian “Bacon Buns.” These little sandwiches are brimming with bacon, sausage, and onion, and are traditionally found at Christmas feasts in Lithuanian homes. Yet, their popularity extends beyond the festive season, becoming a year-round favorite for many families. The Bacon Buns, akin to Nebraska’s beloved Runza sandwich, encapsulate the fusion of Lithuanian and Nebraskan culinary traditions.

The journey through Lithuania’s culinary landscape is not complete without a taste of the Fruit Raft. As newcomers to this dessert, its excellence enchanted us—a sweet treat that perfectly rounds off the meal. We chose the lemon raft and it was sweet and zesty – so fresh.

A Legacy of Love and Baked Goods

The Lithuanian Bakery’s story is one of passion, heritage, and the American dream realized. From its main bakery on 33rd Avenue in South Omaha to the cafe on Pacific Street, each location offers more than just food; they offer an experience. The Pacific Street cafe, in particular, extends the bakery’s hospitality, featuring breads, tortes, and an eclectic menu inspired by “Old Country” recipes.

Bringing Lithuania to Omaha

The Lithuanian Bakery’s ability to blend traditional Lithuanian baking with the tastes and traditions of Omaha has made it a beloved institution. Whether through its wholesale, retail, mail order, or online offerings, the bakery ensures that anyone can enjoy a piece of Lithuania, no matter where they are.

The Lithuanian Bakery is more than just a bakery; it’s a journey through time, a celebration of culture, and a testament to the enduring spirit of immigrant dreams. It’s a place where every visit is a discovery, and every bite is a taste of home for those far from Lithuania’s shores. So, if you find yourself in Omaha, do yourself a favor and step into the warm embrace of the Lithuanian Bakery. Your taste buds—and your soul—will thank you.