November 28th I received a text from the mechanic with photos about clutch problems they discovered.

“The deck working on your vehicle is suggesting a teardown and reseal. Your cylinder jugs are Leaking, your rear main seal is leaking, The rear main seal leak caused grease to get between the clutch and flywheel, destroying the clutch, So, as far as a tear down and reseal, there will be various gaskets involved, and obviously a new clutch kit, and of course labor hours. I know you had a specific budget in line, but it is best to do this down while the engine is out versus having to pull it out and do it all over again down the road”

“We don’t generally provide estimates because there are so many variables. It is almost impossible to accurately estimate the amount of time it will take to repair an antique automobile and recent price increases from our parts suppliers have also become a factor. We will, however, send updates as we move forward so you have an idea of the cost along the way, and can make multiple smaller payments instead of one larger payment at the end. It is our goal to make sure you are part of the decision making process and your satisfaction is our primary objective.”

Of course, I had to approve the additional work because these all needed to be done. It’s just heart-breaking (rather WALLET-breaking) because this was totally unexpected, as Sparky has always shifted so well. But you never know what’s hiding with a 50-year-old vehicle.

Costs below are before today’s new discovery and work I approved (to the left).


Parts $5,050.69
Labor $2,401.25
Subtotal $7,451.94
Shop Supplies $372.60
Tax $521.64
Grand Total $8,346.18
Paid to Date (11/28) ($5,500.00)
Remaining Balance $2,846.18


Grand Total (above, pre flywheel, etc.) $8,346.18
New Labor $2,500.00
New Parts, Supplies, Tax, etc. $795.20
Flywheel, Clutch, Engine Sealing Estimate (11/28) $3,295.20
Grand Total $11,641.39